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The Whitley Art Gallery brings you the work of Contemporary Artists.

Painting, Drawing and `Art` in general is many things to many people, decoration, a meditation but always at their best when they moves us, stirring our emotions and lifting us above the mundane. So we think you will enjoy the paintings & drawings that we have to show you in this section which are works for the serious collector and for the art-loving enthusiast alike at affordable prices. Works to hang in your home or office for constant pleasure and pleasure is always a good investment.

"Painting is a world of it's own, it`s self-sufficient. Most of the time when one talks about painting, one says nothing interesting. It`s always superficial. What can one say? Basically, I believe that you simply cannot talk about painting, it just isn`t possible."
Francis Bacon in conversation with Michel Archimbaud.

`Who told you that one paints with colours? You use colours, but you paint with feelings` Jean-Simeon Chardin

a, Kennedy, Mark

Mark Kennedy`s background and influences are rich and varied. From the ...

Frost, Jamie

Jamie Frost is a diverse painter, sculptor and prolific draughtsman whose ...

McAteer, Jilly

Jilly Mc Ateer was awarded a first class honours degree in fine print and ...

Morrow, Shelley

Shelley graduated at Camberwell School of Art studying Fine Art and specia...

O'Brien, Deirdre

This page is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend De who died sudden...

Sienna Ardis-Marie

I graduated with a first class honors degree in Fine Art Printmaking and V...

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