The Bamboo Bank by the Kyobashi Bridge SOLD by A - Ando Hiroshige


Artist: A - Ando Hiroshige
Title: The Bamboo Bank by the Kyobashi Bridge SOLD
Reference: ah028
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 37 x 25.3 cm
Date: 12/1857
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
No:76 from the 100 Views of Edo published by Uwoei. Kyobashi means literally `the Capital Bridge` and stands in the centre of Edo (Tokyo). A procession of pilgrims cross the bridge carrying long bamboo poles with bundles of `gohei`. They are returning from a ritual ascent of Mount Oyama. Another man crossing the bridge has a lantern in his hand that is inscribed with the charecter ` Hori Take`. This literally means `cut out` and `bamboo` but is also a short form of the name Yokogawa Horitake, one of the best ukiyo-e woodblock cutters of the mid 19th Century. Yokogawa worked on many of Hiroshige`s projects. This a very popular wonderful print from the Series and influenced Whistler (see his lithograph ` Battersea Bridge`). Reasonable impression and colours. Sheet outside the image somewhat dirty with impression of previous mount. Top left corner rubbed with blue smudge on the right above the bridge.

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