The Ekoin Monastery at Ryogoku SOLD by A - Ando Hiroshige


Artist: A - Ando Hiroshige
Title: The Ekoin Monastery at Ryogoku SOLD
Reference: ah055
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 35.5 x 24.3 cm
Date: c.1857
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
The Ekoin Monastery at Ryogoku and the Moto-Yanagibashi Bridge (Ryogoku Ekoin. Motoyanagibashi 5/1857). No:5 from One Hundred Views of Edo series,1856-1858, (Meisho Yedo Hiakkei) published by Uoya Eikichi. . The tower in the foreground is the Drum Tower (kuro) of the Ekoin Monastery which belonged to the Jodo (Pure Earth) Buddhist school. The Monastery was well known for it`s sumo wrestling matches and the red drum that can be partially seen on the tower announces the start of a contest while the pieces of dangling cloth (bonten) indicate that the weather is favourable. The Moto-Yanagashi Bridge, the `True Willow Bridge` can be seen across the river. Excellent impression and colours, overal good condition, some holes repaired from behind and paper strip added at the bottom of sheet, very skilfully done.

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