Ladies in Chiyoda Palace SOLD by F - Chikanobu, Toyohara


Artist: F - Chikanobu, Toyohara
Title: Ladies in Chiyoda Palace SOLD
Reference: ch03
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 35.3 x 69.5 cm
Date: 1895
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
Ladies in Chiyoda Palace `Chiyoda no O-oku` - Matching Poems. Publisher: Fukuda Kumajiro 1895. Court Ladies playing a game of matching poems (`uta-awase`). Very good impression with good colours (red colour slightly oxidised). Shomen-zuri patterns on the hair with gauffrage embossing on collars and kimonos. Middle sheet partially backed and with red ink stain lower-left edge. Overall good condition, slightly dirty.

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