47 Ronin , Act 2 by C - Kuniyoshi


Artist: C - Kuniyoshi
Title: 47 Ronin , Act 2
Reference: uk028
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 37 x 25.3 cm
Date: 1847
Price: € 280
Further Info:
47 Ronin, Act 2 from the series `Kanadehon Chushingura 假名手本忠臣蔵 `. Published by: Enshuya Matabei (遠州屋又兵衛), 1847, oban tate-e. The kabuki actors Ichikawa Kuzo II (Ichikawa Danzo VI) as Momonoi Wakasonosuke and Sawamura Chojuro V (Sawamura Sojuro V) as Kakogawa Honzo advancing in the garden with a lantern and a drawn sword, from the 1847 performance of the play ‘Kanadehon Chushingura’ at the Nakamura Theatre in Edo. Offended by Lord Moronao`s behaviour towards Lord Hanagan`s wife, Lady Kaoyo, Lord Wakasonosuke decides to avenge the dishonour. He shares his plan with his old retainer, the faithful Honzo, who immediately cuts a pine branch to offer to Wakasanosuke as a sign of his support. The inset, upper left, shows another scene from this Act, of the beautiful Konami peering around a screen at her betrothed, Yaranosuke Rikiya, who has come to deliver a message. A good impression with excellent colours, slight soiling and rubbing at edges, otherwise good condition.

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