Wabba kai, 童怪力 ,矢矧牛若丸 SOLD by C - Kuniyoshi


Artist: C - Kuniyoshi
Title: Wabba kai, 童怪力 ,矢矧牛若丸 SOLD
Reference: uk021
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 36.6 x 25.4cm
Date: 1852/7th Month
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
Koto nishiki imayo kuni zukushi 江都錦今様国盡 (Modern Style Set of the Provinces in Edo Brocade). Top: Owari Province: Watanabe no Tsuna, standing at a tree watching the child Usui no Sadamitsu who is pulling a wheel. Bottom: Mikawa Province: the actor Iwai Kumesaburo III as Ushiwakamaru looking back at Joruri-hime carrying a lantern. He appears to have ink eyebrows (haizumi) on his forehead associated with `Hikimayu` (pulled eyebrows) although his own eyebrows are still visible. `Hikimayu` was more common among women to facilitate painting their faces with the white powder called `oshiroi` but was banned in 1870. Carved by Hori Takichi & Published by Mitaya Kihachi. Excellent impression and colours, very good condition, margins lightly soiled.

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