Yoshida Chuzaemon Kanesuke by C - Kuniyoshi


Artist: C - Kuniyoshi
Title: Yoshida Chuzaemon Kanesuke
Reference: uk031
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 36 x 24.6 cm
Date: 1847
Price: € 280
Further Info:
No. 50, Yoshida Chûzaemon Kanesuke, from the series Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai (Seichû gishi den) 「誠忠義士傳 芳田忠左衛門兼亮 五十」. Publisher Ebiya Rinnosuke (Kaijudô), Censors' seals: Muramatsu, Yoshimura No blockcutter's mark. Ref: Robinson, Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints (1982), list #S54.50 (Page 140). Yoshida Chuzaemon Kanesuke, back view, seated on a camp stoll and holding out a closed fan. A note to the left of the figure and another added by Kuniyoshi to his signature, record that the series was begun in the seventh month of the Goat Year (August 1847) and completed on the fourteenth day of the twelve month of the same Goat year (20 January 1848). Good impression and colours, vertical fold along the right edge, wormholes repaired, some soiling and creasing, reasonable condition overall.

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