Ishibe: Iwai Kumesaburo III SOLD by B - Utagawa Kunisada


Artist: B - Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Ishibe: Iwai Kumesaburo III SOLD
Reference: ukt060
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 35.5 x 23.9 cm
Date: 1852
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
Station No: 52, Ishibe from 53 Stations of the Tokaido as published by Iseya Kanekichi , 1852, 3rd month. Censors' seals: Mera, Watanabe, Rat 3, shita-uri Blockcutter's mark: Hori Mino 改印:米良、渡辺、子三、シタ売 彫師:彫巳の. Horst Graebner on his wonderful Kunisada website ( shows this was one of part of a diptych series. It shows Iwai Kumesaburo III as Ohan who was a well known beauty of the time. She is beautifully dressed, her hair pulled tightly back into a sleek bun, adorned by a lacquer comb, colourful ribbons and a feathery ornament with tiny yellow buterflies (or perhaps they are Honey Bees from what looks to be a Bee Hive behind and to the left ?). There is burnishing in her black kimono collar and obi with a dusting of mica on the rooftop of the warehouse in the background where night is falling. Excellent coulour and impression in good overal condition, backed with paper, a few wormholes repaired from behind, some loss in the bottom right corner and slight soiling..

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