Iwai Kakitsubata as Shirai Gompachi.. by B - Utagawa Kunisada


Artist: B - Utagawa Kunisada
Title: Iwai Kakitsubata as Shirai Gompachi..
Reference: ukt050
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 37 x 54 cm
Date: Late 1850`s
Price: €260
Further Info:
Kabuki Diptych with seperate sheets. A scene of the outlaw the famous otokodate or street knight Banzui Chobei encountering the outlaw Shirai Gompachi at Suza-ga-Mori near Edo. A gang had been waiting to capture Gompachi for the reward, attacking him as he left his palanquin. While fighting off his attackers, Chobei's own palanquin arrived, and he was impressed by the young rogue's swordsmanship. Here, Gompachi kneels atop one of the gang, twisting the man's arm behind his back and scowling as Chobei holds a light high to examine him. A blossoming plum tree frames a softly shaded sky behind the expressive characters, with a traditional New Year's Day ornament forming the title cartouche at upper left. The actors are Iwai Kakitsubata and Ichikawa Ebizo. Good impression and colour, two seperate panels with horizontal centre folding crease, some staining and rubbing at edges. A few worm-holes repaired from reverse.

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