Holding up a Mask by H - Japanese Woodblock Prints - Various Artists


Artist: H - Japanese Woodblock Prints - Various Artists
Title: Holding up a Mask
Reference: ku01
Medium: Woodblock
Size: 35.8 x 71.5 cm (Three Sheets)
Date: 1869
Price: € 460
Further Info:
A scene from a kabuki play performed at the Morita Theatre showing actors Ichikawa Sadanji I as one of the Five Musicians (Gonin bayashi, R) and Sawamura Tosshô II as Takasago (who is holding up a Mask in the central panel) 「五人ばやし 市川左団次」 (初代) 「高砂 沢村訥升」(二代目), Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900), Published by Gusokuya Kahei, Censor's seal: Snake 1 aratame No blockcutter's mark 改印:巳正改 彫師:なし, 1869, Signed Kunichika hitsu (on each sheet) 国周筆. Very good impression and colours, burnishing in the black cap and gauffrage (`karazuri`) in the white hair. Three seperate panels, backed, two small holes repaired slight soiling at rubbing on the top edge, excellent condition overall.

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