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Painting, Drawing and `Art` in general is many things to many people, decoration, a meditation but always at their best when they moves us, stirring our emotions and lifting us above the mundane. So we think you will enjoy the paintings & drawings that we have to show you in this section which are works for the serious collector and for the art-loving enthusiast alike at affordable prices. Works to hang in your home or office for constant pleasure and pleasure is always a good investment.

"Painting is a world of it's own, it`s self-sufficient. Most of the time when one talks about painting, one says nothing interesting. It`s always superficial. What can one say? Basically, I believe that you simply cannot talk about painting, it just isn`t possible."
Francis Bacon in conversation with Michel Archimbaud.

`Who told you that one paints with colours? You use colours, but you paint with feelings` Jean-Simeon Chardin

a, Kennedy, Mark

a, Kennedy, Mark

Mark Kennedy`s background and influences are rich and varied. From the fjords of Munch and Strindberg`s Norway where his ancestors, the Johannesens lived, through a blood mixing in Scotland where his father`s Uncle was General Eoin O`Duffy, and on to the marshes of Hackney in London`s East End where Mark Johannesen Kennedy has lived most of his life.
Mark has studied in depth the techniques of his trade which started with house painting with his father, continued with close examination of the great masters of paint, such as Goya, Velazquez, Manet and Turner, and continues to this day with meticulous attention to his trade.

The strength and moving power of his work is well recognised and clear to see even through the filtered  `medium` of the Internet. When you see them in reality Mark Kennedy`s work stands, unabashed, alongside the best ever produced in this world.  

What Jean Genet said of Giacometti could possibly have been said of Mark Kennedy:
``The art of Giacometti it seems to me, seeks to discover that secret wound of every human being and even of every object, in order that, that art may illuminate those beings and objects`

Mark went to Reading University (1974-76) doing a Fine Art Course. Then to Chelsea School of Art (1980-1981) doing a Foundation Diploma and completed his Honours Degree in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art (1981-84).

As well as participating in many group shows during his life in London and Paris Mark also had Solo Exhibitions in 1994 with Corr Contemporary Art London, the Blue Gallery, London in 1998 and in Cork, Ireland in 2006 with the Penrose Gallery. Mark was also chosen by Dr Clare Finn as her Critics Choice.

Mark J Kennedy is a very un-English London-born painter. This is a very small selection of Mark`s available work so if you are interested in seeing more or being kept informed of where his work will be on display please Contact Us or visit us again as more works will be uploaded soon.

Our dear friend and great painter Mark lost his battle with Prostate Cancer early in March 2015.

May he Rest in Peace.

`Je est un autre` -  Rimbaud `Lettre du Voyant`.



`Friends part

forever - wild geese

lost in cloud.`



Frost, Jamie

Frost, Jamie

Jamie Frost is a diverse painter, sculptor and prolific draughtsman whose work reflects an intense relationship between the body and the individual. Trained as a sculptor, his works have a fascination with the corporeal- they are weighty, voluminous, communicating form and structure.

There is a vital balance between these sculptural observations and more soulful, expressive qualities- Jamie won an award from the Society of Portrait Sculptors and has exhibited his wood carvings with them several times since. His figurative drawings are deliciously visceral and closely observed. He starts by working closely with the model, exploring each pose- how it feels physically and emotionally.

     "My relationship with the model is one of shared exploration, working through poses and themes together. This approach bathes the work in a curious combination of personal energies. I work in ways which make the subject seem particularly ‘fleshy’ and physical, a compelling contrast to the intimacy of a portrait"

There are mesmeric monochrome images comprising countless fine lines, honed into powerful and tender sculptural images. In others colours mix optically on the paper, enriching the sense of form and depth. Further works apply large expressive swathes of watercolour too, activating the restrained fervour of those iterative pen marks.

      “We are complex creatures with a myriad of feelings, drives and perceptions. Yet we are creatures still. At some point all that joy, frustration, triumph, wonderment, confusion, can be detected in the lift of a finger or the purpose in a stride.”

The observer is confronted with a striking sense of form, then slowly enticed into the ‘stuff’ of the drawing: fluent, sensational and expressive mark-making. Jamie depicts the body beautifully and tangibly in a process of delicate revelation.

Jamie's work continues to be exhibited at art fairs and exhibitions across the UK and internationally.

He was awarded a scholarship to work in Tuscany from the Juliet Gomperts Trust, prompting a love of Tuscany that shows no sings of stopping. He now teaches painting and drawing each year in a villa near Lucca, alongside figurative masterclasses in the UK.

For more visit: Jamie Frost

Works ship from the England and are generally available unframed as well as framed so please enquire for prices.

McAteer, Jilly

McAteer, Jilly

Jilly Mc Ateer was awarded a first class honours degree in fine print and visual culture from the National College of Art and Design in 2014. She is the recipient of a number of awards including the Print Makers Gallery Award, the AXA Insurance Purchase Award, the Graphic Studios Graduate Award and the RDS Fine Print Award and is now beginning her yearlong residency in the Graphic studios.

Jilly’s practice focuses on the concept of “home” as a paradoxical site of familiarity and strangeness, intimacy and anxiety. While her images have an autobiographical context the details are presented in a covert, coded form.

Jilly’s graduate project `Eden is Coming` further explores the human condition by visually dismantling a domestic garden. Through intaglio-etching processes she lobotomized the unkempt plot to unearth closeted afflictions of the heart and the
home. Drawing from personal encounters with addiction, grief and resilience, Jilly composes dark, enclosed and frenzied landscapes. The controlled execution of etching techniques is the artists own way of exploring and even mastering situations which were in life beyond her control. The series thus constitutes an attempt to bring beauty out of domestic disorder and to reach towards an Eden yet to come.

Jilly has exhibited in many exhibitions throughout Ireland and her works are represented in: The Printmakers Gallery, The New Generation Artists Online Gallery, The Office of Public Works Ireland and the National Irish Visual Artists Library (NIVAL).

Morrow, Shelley

Morrow, Shelley

Shelley graduated at Camberwell School of Art studying Fine Art and specialising in sculpture.

Now living and working in Brighton, Shelley runs regular drop in life drawing sessions and her work is centered on drawing the human figure. She often translates her drawings from the studio into intricate hand stitched drawings, taking speedily drawn gestural poses onto fabric and finely stitching the lines.

The work is a unification of drawing and textiles. The original drawing is what it is, made directly, drawn from life without hesitation and with immediacy. It is an instinctive response to the models pose. The drawing could exist by itself and as it is but it is the fabric and the stitch work that transform it into something special and brings it alive with layers of ideas and suggestions as to what it is and what it is about. The stitch work enhances the drawings both visually and with thought and meaning. It brings together the subconscious state of drawing done quickly, without hesitation, with the more conscientious complexity of sewing and using fabric.

‘I have been creating hand stitched drawings for the last couple of years. I discovered that the stitch work enhances my pencil lines and by choosing different tones, colours and thicknesses in the thread I can make the lines appear heavier, darker or lighter, giving them fluidity and movement.’

Shelley also produces traditional etchings. Again using short, fast drawings and translating them into a medium that is rich, varied and complex.

Shelly recently had 2 of her drawings selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London in November 2013. The etching was used as the promotional image for the show.

Shelley regularly exhibits at local art fairs in Brighton and London and also exhibits across the United Kingdom in selected shows.

All Shelley`s Work ships from the UK.

O'Brien, Deirdre

O'Brien, Deirdre

This page is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend De who died suddenly on Monday 21st January 2013.

The world is a better place for the life that De lived. We are sad at her leaving but glad that we knew her.

Rest In Peace De.


Deirdre O`Brien was a self-taught artist living in Dublin. She first exhibited in 1987 with the Artists Guild whose members included well know names in Irish Art such as Aiden Dunne ( Art Critic The Irish Times), Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick ( Award winner 2001 Illustrated children`s book) Mary Lohan, and John F. Skelton .
She continued her Art education at NCAD (National College of Art and Design, Dublin) and participated in workshops and specialist art courses. Deirdre was influenced by the structure of the environment and explored the personality of trees in response to their environment.

She worked on the compilation of the Bank of Ireland art collection and joined the Cork Crawford School of Art in viewing the most important works of art in Milan, Florence and Venice. Excursions to the capitals of Europe to view special exhibitions and collections complimented her self development.

Specialist workshops in varied environments such as with marine artist Kenneth King in Co.Donegal, Ann-Marie Keavney at NCAD and Scottish watercolourist artist Susie Hunt in Greece, are reflected in her work.

Sienna Ardis-Marie

Sienna Ardis-Marie

I graduated with a first class honors degree in Fine Art Printmaking and Visual Culture from NCAD in 2014. As an avid reader and fairytale enthusiast, I am fascinated with the relationship between human beings and the other creatures with whom we share this world. My work explores the idea that the barrier between human civiilisation and nature is a constructed one, a man-made mythology whose fragility has been exposed time and again, only to be rebuilt by our own determination to be different. My own experience of the natural world is influenced by a childhood spent in a household of rescued dogs, cats and reptiles.
I concentrate on the medium of drawing to evolve my concepts because of the careful attention to detail it requires, as well as the richness of texture and depth achieved by layering lines on top of each other.
As Henry Beston wrote in The Outermost House, I believe that we need 'another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals'.
In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.” -Henry Beston, The Outermost House 1928
Having received the John Kelly Award for printmaking Sienna continues to work at the Black Church Print Studio in Temple Bar, Dublin.