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Mark Kennedy`s background and influences are rich and varied. From the fjords of Munch and Strindberg`s Norway where his ancestors, the Johannesens lived, through a blood mixing in Scotland where his father`s Uncle was General Eoin O`Duffy, and on to the marshes of Hackney in London`s East End where Mark Johannesen Kennedy has lived most of his life.
Mark has studied in depth the techniques of his trade which started with house painting with his father, continued with close examination of the great masters of paint, such as Goya, Velazquez, Manet and Turner, and continues to this day with meticulous attention to his trade.

The strength and moving power of his work is well recognised and clear to see even through the filtered  `medium` of the Internet. When you see them in reality Mark Kennedy`s work stands, unabashed, alongside the best ever produced in this world.  

What Jean Genet said of Giacometti could possibly have been said of Mark Kennedy:
``The art of Giacometti it seems to me, seeks to discover that secret wound of every human being and even of every object, in order that, that art may illuminate those beings and objects`

Mark went to Reading University (1974-76) doing a Fine Art Course. Then to Chelsea School of Art (1980-1981) doing a Foundation Diploma and completed his Honours Degree in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art (1981-84).

As well as participating in many group shows during his life in London and Paris Mark also had Solo Exhibitions in 1994 with Corr Contemporary Art London, the Blue Gallery, London in 1998 and in Cork, Ireland in 2006 with the Penrose Gallery. Mark was also chosen by Dr Clare Finn as her Critics Choice.

Mark J Kennedy is a very un-English London-born painter. This is a very small selection of Mark`s available work so if you are interested in seeing more or being kept informed of where his work will be on display please Contact Us or visit us again as more works will be uploaded soon.

Our dear friend and great painter Mark lost his battle with Prostate Cancer early in March 2015.

May he Rest in Peace.

`Je est un autre` -  Rimbaud `Lettre du Voyant`.



`Friends part

forever - wild geese

lost in cloud.`