Frost, Jamie

Jamie Frost is a diverse painter, sculptor and prolific draughtsman whose work reflects an intense relationship between the body and the individual. Trained as a sculptor, his works have a fascination with the corporeal- they are weighty, voluminous, communicating form and structure.

There is a vital balance between these sculptural observations and more soulful, expressive qualities- Jamie won an award from the Society of Portrait Sculptors and has exhibited his wood carvings with them several times since. His figurative drawings are deliciously visceral and closely observed. He starts by working closely with the model, exploring each pose- how it feels physically and emotionally.

     "My relationship with the model is one of shared exploration, working through poses and themes together. This approach bathes the work in a curious combination of personal energies. I work in ways which make the subject seem particularly ‘fleshy’ and physical, a compelling contrast to the intimacy of a portrait"

There are mesmeric monochrome images comprising countless fine lines, honed into powerful and tender sculptural images. In others colours mix optically on the paper, enriching the sense of form and depth. Further works apply large expressive swathes of watercolour too, activating the restrained fervour of those iterative pen marks.

      “We are complex creatures with a myriad of feelings, drives and perceptions. Yet we are creatures still. At some point all that joy, frustration, triumph, wonderment, confusion, can be detected in the lift of a finger or the purpose in a stride.”

The observer is confronted with a striking sense of form, then slowly enticed into the ‘stuff’ of the drawing: fluent, sensational and expressive mark-making. Jamie depicts the body beautifully and tangibly in a process of delicate revelation.

Jamie's work continues to be exhibited at art fairs and exhibitions across the UK and internationally.

He was awarded a scholarship to work in Tuscany from the Juliet Gomperts Trust, prompting a love of Tuscany that shows no sings of stopping. He now teaches painting and drawing each year in a villa near Lucca, alongside figurative masterclasses in the UK.

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Works ship from the England and are generally available unframed as well as framed so please enquire for prices.