McAteer, Jilly

Jilly Mc Ateer was awarded a first class honours degree in fine print and visual culture from the National College of Art and Design in 2014. She is the recipient of a number of awards including the Print Makers Gallery Award, the AXA Insurance Purchase Award, the Graphic Studios Graduate Award and the RDS Fine Print Award and is now beginning her yearlong residency in the Graphic studios.

Jilly’s practice focuses on the concept of “home” as a paradoxical site of familiarity and strangeness, intimacy and anxiety. While her images have an autobiographical context the details are presented in a covert, coded form.

Jilly’s graduate project `Eden is Coming` further explores the human condition by visually dismantling a domestic garden. Through intaglio-etching processes she lobotomized the unkempt plot to unearth closeted afflictions of the heart and the
home. Drawing from personal encounters with addiction, grief and resilience, Jilly composes dark, enclosed and frenzied landscapes. The controlled execution of etching techniques is the artists own way of exploring and even mastering situations which were in life beyond her control. The series thus constitutes an attempt to bring beauty out of domestic disorder and to reach towards an Eden yet to come.

Jilly has exhibited in many exhibitions throughout Ireland and her works are represented in: The Printmakers Gallery, The New Generation Artists Online Gallery, The Office of Public Works Ireland and the National Irish Visual Artists Library (NIVAL).