Morrow, Shelley

Shelley graduated at Camberwell School of Art studying Fine Art and specialising in sculpture.

Now living and working in Brighton, Shelley runs regular drop in life drawing sessions and her work is centered on drawing the human figure. She often translates her drawings from the studio into intricate hand stitched drawings, taking speedily drawn gestural poses onto fabric and finely stitching the lines.

The work is a unification of drawing and textiles. The original drawing is what it is, made directly, drawn from life without hesitation and with immediacy. It is an instinctive response to the models pose. The drawing could exist by itself and as it is but it is the fabric and the stitch work that transform it into something special and brings it alive with layers of ideas and suggestions as to what it is and what it is about. The stitch work enhances the drawings both visually and with thought and meaning. It brings together the subconscious state of drawing done quickly, without hesitation, with the more conscientious complexity of sewing and using fabric.

‘I have been creating hand stitched drawings for the last couple of years. I discovered that the stitch work enhances my pencil lines and by choosing different tones, colours and thicknesses in the thread I can make the lines appear heavier, darker or lighter, giving them fluidity and movement.’

Shelley also produces traditional etchings. Again using short, fast drawings and translating them into a medium that is rich, varied and complex.

Shelly recently had 2 of her drawings selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London in November 2013. The etching was used as the promotional image for the show.

Shelley regularly exhibits at local art fairs in Brighton and London and also exhibits across the United Kingdom in selected shows.

All Shelley`s Work ships from the UK.