Braque, Georges

Georges Braque (1882-1963) was perhaps most famous with the public for working alongside Picasso around 1910 and `inventing` Cubism but by 1914 their close collaboration was at an end and Braque went his own way with Picasso, the great eclectic, always looking over his shoulder at what braque was up to. Braque continued to explore space and colours in his own very unique way and which made him very much a `painters painter` . Over his lifetime he also spent much time doing Lithographs & Etchings; many illustrations, some re-interpretations of his paintings but often new stand alone works exploring the printing medium and the themes, like birds in flight, that fascinated Braque.

See `Braque - The Complete Graphics` by Dora Vallier published by Alpine Fine Arts Collection Ltd. for a comprehensive examination of Braque`s prints which covers most, but not all, of his graphic works.

`I don`t need the sun anymore, I carry my light with me.` Georges Braque

`Forget things, only remember their relationship` Georges Braque


Of painters who imitated the masters too closely Braque said: `They make wine-stains on the tablecloth, but all they can do is drink water`.