Miro, Joan

Joan Miro ( 1893 - 1983 ) was born in Barcelona and came to be considered to be a natural Surrealist. In 1928 Andre Breton wrote ` Miro may rank as the most Surrealist of us all `.
He himself said `The spectacle of the sky dazzles my mind. When i see the sun or the crescent of the moon in the immense sky, i`m absolutely overwhelmed. In my pictures, besides, there are many small forms in vast empty spaces. Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains, everything that is bare and empty always impresses me....I begin my pictures under the effect of a shock that i feel and that makes me escape from reality. The cause of this shock can be a small thread that has come loose from the canvas, a falling raindrop, or my fingerprint on the shiny surface of this table..`

and `I consider my studio a kitchen garden. There are artichokes over there, potatoes over here. You have to cut off the leaves for the fruit to grow. At a certain point, you have to cut. I work like a gardener, or a wine grower. Things come slowly, i didn`t discover my vocabulary of shapes all at once, for example. It took shape almost despite myself.`