F - Chikanobu, Toyohara

Toyohara Chikanobu (1832-1912).In his younger days, he had studied the Kano School of painting; but his interest was drawn to ukiyo-e. He studied with a disciple of Keisai Eisen and then he joined the school of Kuniyoshi. During this period, he called himself Yoshitsuru. After Kuniyoshi’s death, he studied with Kunisada for awhile. He also referred to himself as Yōshū . He went on to become a student of Toyohara Kunichika. He took both the last name and the second part chika of his master's first name - following an old tradition of the way an artist's name was inherited from master to student. Chikanobu was a very fine Woodblock Artist of the Meiji period and is particularly known for his Jidai Kagami - Mirror of the Ages series showing beautiful women (Bijin Awase)