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We recommend the Irish Antique Dealers Association if you are looking for other reputable people to deal with.


See more works by Shelley Morrow

                             Jamie Frost

Irish Artist:             Robert Bohan

French Artists:  Raphael Seygnovert

                       Christine Uny

Belgian Artist:   Alexandra de Grave

USA Artists:      David Reisman

                       Caroline Blum


Greek Artist:    Eirini (Irene) Bogdanou


See more photographs by Jacqueline Slavney

French Artist: Ar Sosten


We supplied the Odilon Redon lithographic frontispiece for Emile Verhaeren`s Les Debacles to the Provincial Museum Emile Verhaeren, Belgium (see ). This is an excellant Museum dedicated to an interesting, underestimated poet.

Verhaeren`s works have been translated into English by Will Stone.


For more original graphics, in particular Art Nouveau and Art Deco works, we thoroughly recommend The Victor Arwas Gallery
Fine Arts London The latest news, reviews, exhibitions & up and coming talent in the Fine Art London world. Fine Art Galleries in London and   Events calendar.

JAPENESE WOODBLOCKS & more things Japenese:

In Dublin (Ireland) you should visit the wonderful Chester Beatty Library which fostered our passion for Japanese Art over the last 25 years. 
For a wonderfully complete catalogue of Hiroshige`s Japanese woodblock prints see      

For great information on Kunisada see Horst Graebner`s The Kunisada Project

For great Japanese food recipes see: Fiona Uyema    

An interesting article The History and Art of Woodblock Printing with further links suggested by Hailey from the infamous Kellytown Reading Groups


Have a look at Saatchi Online where you will find us amongst many others !